A powerful resume and cover letter are the ultimate job search tools for an engineer. However most engineering resumes are hopeless!

Create The Best Engineering Resume Today:
"How You Can Apply The 4 Engineering Resume Secrets Most Engineers Have No Clue About,
And Quickly Land a New And Better Job."

by Michael Brit, Professional Engineering Resume Writer

Your first step in to read this article in its entirety. Please don't just skim through it - I don't want you to miss a single word, because when I demystify engineering resumes for you, you simply cannot fail to create a resume that will have engineering managers dying to call you and hire you.

Dear Fellow Engineer,

You are looking for help with your resume and cover letter. Wondering if they are good enough... wondering if you job applications will get rejected or worse... ignored!…

engineer resume

Well, I can tell you that in today's super competitive job market only the very best engineering resumes will get attention. 

(two thirds of all engineering resumes end up in the trash bin and the number one reason given by managers – “The resume just didn’t tell me anything of value about what this engineer can do for me!”). 

Well, how would you like to have a predictable interview call every time you apply for a new job?... A call from a place you really would like to work at about a job you really want?... A call by a hiring manager dying to know if you are still available and on the market?

If you would like to be in complete control of your job search and have a crucial competitive edge over other engineers... regardless of the market conditions or the state of the economy... please keep reading to find out more.

Getting a hiring manager to call you right away is actually easy… If you know the secrets of what they are looking for in a resume. My name is Michael Brit and I am a professional resume writer specialized in engineering resumes.

Why did I specialize in engineering?

This may surprised you, I used to be an engineer myself and later on I became an engineering manager and I have hired, evaluated and interviewed hundreds of engineers...

See... I used to be the guy reading the resumes you are mailing in with your job applications...

What always struck me was how engineers were so talented at thinking, learning and at exercising creativity... and how bad they were at capturing their career achievements, experience and skills in a short document... Most engineering resumes are hopeless!

The reality is that so many talented engineers were sending in resumes that nobody would read. Many engineering resumes for excellent engineers didn't even make it past the initial HR screening... 

A small minority were getting their resumes onto my desk and they were getting my time and attention... More often than not the resumes on my desk were not the ones that came from the best engineers... With the best background or experience.... they were not ideal, but they were getting attention. Why?

Most of the times the best candidates were left out of the running because their resume simply was not good enough to make it to my desk... 

After witnessing this for too long, I decided there had to be a better way...

I studied resumes and resume books for a long time, took good notes on what some engineers did well... and noted what so many did poorly.

(By the way, nearly all "resume" books focus on behavioral and business resumes... they are completely unsuitable when it comes to resumes for engineers. In many cases everything they advise you to do is completely wrong for engineers.)

Several years later, I decided to start helping engineers with their resume writing...

Since then I have helped hundreds of engineers with their resume and cover letter needs with a 100% satisfaction rate. In fact we still write resumes every week for engineers like you... in our professional services section. And I personally review every resume that we write before it is sent to you. You can see some of the reviews in my linkedin page here.

From here, things started to grow and many engineers expressed that they thought they could do it themselves... If they only knew what to do... Well, I can share it with you... So now you know that the engineering resume advice I'm about to give you is based on YEARS of experience, (not guesswork!)

So let's dive in…

4 Ways To Ignite A FIRE In The Response To You Resume

First of all: Realize that good engineering resumes take work, lots of it. Here are 4 things you need to start doing right away to create a resume that will allow you to get the job of your dreams.

1. Only List Skills That Match The Need

A few years ago, I received a resume for an engineering design job. The engineer told me technical sales were one of his strengths... Another applicant wrote on his resume that he had expertise in writing software for databases... Do you think I called them in for a design engineer position? Of course not!

I believe a lot of engineers would save time and get a job much quicker if they simply understood the job posting before they applied. The best way to really know if the job is for you is to ask questions.

Questions about the needs of the employer, the skills required, the type of job duties, the products or services you will be expected to support, to name a few. The big questions about the job you are applying for will make all the difference and often remove any doubt that you are the candidate for the job. Because once you answer those questions, you will be able to write your resume in a way that completely grabs the employer!

The good news is most questions will be answered right on the job posting.

Skill Set

  • Do you think you could hit the ground running on this job? Why? 
  • What do you bring in terms of skills that meet the employer's need?
  • Do you think that the skill set they are looking for is reflected in your resume?
  • What does your resume tell the employer about how YOU can meet their need?

Relevant Experience

  • Are you an experienced engineer? At this stage in your career, do you think you would be a good fit for the level of responsibility required?
  • Are you a recent graduate? If so, how do you plan on selecting course work and project work that makes you stand out to meet the needs of the job?
  • Do you have any concerns about aspects of the job posting?
  • Do you have skills and experiences that are important to you but absolutely irrelevant for this employer?


  • Do you think you can interview well for this position?
  • Are you confident you can talk to the key points on the job posting? Are they in your resume?
  • Are there any topics in the job posting that make you more comfortable? Others that make you nervous?
  • You must focus your resume on the skills and experiences that make you stand out for THIS JOB. Imagine you are going to an interview, the resume should hit all the needs of the job... and hit no skills that are irrelevant.

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more questions you MUST ask yourself before applying. Take the answers... and modify your resume to address the answers. You will be on your way to an interview call.

2. Illustrate Your Skills With Examples

When was the last time you completed a project or any achievement at work? The employer is going to review your resume not just for keywords… they will be looking for examples of when you really put some time and energy into applying the skills you claim you have! Never underestimate how much a clear example of your engineering experience can grab the attention of the hiring manager. This is especially true in engineering. Here are some ideas:

1. Use action words for achievements. Wow the employer with a clear statement of achievement. Don't say "I participated in the design of XYZ... that ended up receiving an achievement award", say instead "I designed, prototyped and tested XYZ... this product got my department an internal achievement award..". This tells the employer you took initiative, owned the design and made it work. It also talks about results and impact to the bottom line. 

2. Don't just list skills, tell them how you used those skills to get results. For example... Make sure you list your software skills in the resume. But you must also write about how you used them! Don't write only this "Proficient in Microsoft Powerpoint". Consider this instead: "Used advanced skills in Microsoft Power point to create a presentation for all engineers in the business unit on the benefits of using the DFT process. Management selected the presentation to be shown at the annual all hands meeting." Wow, now that's a result. Write about how effective you are with the tools, not about how you know how to use them. Your hiring manager cares about results and your ability to produce them.

3. An engineering resume with a twist. Imagine the engineering manager is reading your resume, a few seconds is all you have... So be creative. Remember there are other resumes on that desk. Make sure you are strong in your message. If you do not believe in yourself, your prospective employer certainly will not. So be confident in your resume, without being arrogant. Tell them about the great things you have done, the results that you impacted, the positive value you brought. Do not dwell on how many projects you participated in or where you were and who you worked with. Tell them what you did and how you contributed to results that are measurable.

3. Present A Logical Job Progression

Is your resume a job history? NO!

The objective of your resume is to portray your background, talent and skill set in a way that tells the engineering hiring manager you are worth an interview. Why would they call you? Because you look like someone that would bring him or her value. You would help the organization with your good works. 

However there is one thing that will kill your interview prospects quicker than anything else... Inconsistent job progression. You must show a progression that is logical and complete. 

While it is OK to have gaps in employment they should be clearly explainable (went on a charity trip, maternity leave, started a business for a while, etc)...

Don't leave any red flags and hanging questions in your resume. Large gaps, constant job switching, several career changes are major red flags for engineering managers... If necessary address them with the cover letter. 

The moral of this story? Your resume should clearly show a career progression that shows consistency and reliable behavior. If you have bumps along the road, explain them.

4. Show Attention To Detail

Probably the most profound way to impress the engineering manager is to pay attention to detail.

Absolutely no typos, inconsistent formatting, bad font selection, illogical flow of the resume...  Many people underestimate the impact of a well formatted resume with clearly written content and error free writing. 

This short document is all you have working for you to get an interview. Make sure it is perfect!

The Problem...

Let's face it, putting together a strong engineering resume is a huge challenge.

The biggest problem is that most engineers simply don't have the time to be creative and spend hours every week learning how to improve their resume in new ways that surprise engineering managers and get them to pick up the phone and call you.

After going through web postings, newspaper postings, networking, making follow up calls, reading blogs and trying to adapt generic resumes and cover letters to engineering your job search is hard work. There is little time to learn everything you need to know about resume writing.

And that's where our collection comes in…

The Best Engineering Resumes 2014 Collection

For a limited time, we are offering the complete collection of our best engineering resume Microsoft Word templates, samples and ebooks for one heavily discounted investment.

Together, they give you everything you would ever need to write a powerful, results oriented engineering resume that will get you those interview calls you need.

Some of the ebooks help you avoid mistakes while others give you no nonsense advice on how to ace your resume, your cover letter and how to prepare for the interview.

I honestly believe this is the VERY BEST collection of books you can use to improve your engineering resume. This is specific advice, for engineers only and you can not get this information from anyone else. Nobody else has the extensive experience in engineering resumes and cover letters that we do.

But don't take my word for it. Just read some of the success stories on this page.

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Best Engineering Resumes 2014
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Use the proven, professionally writen guidance and resume samples and examples from our professional services section to take your engineering resume  to the NEXT LEVEL.

You'll learn…

  • How to write a resume that completely grabs the attention of the engineering manager - with specific examples of resumes we have written for our customers that you can use as a guide. Examples in all fields of engineering.
  • The secrets that we use to help our premium services clients get interviews and jobs, everytime. We will show you exactly how you can write every sentence and every line to tell the employer what you can do for them. How you can help them. Such that they will be eager to call you and get you in for interviews and to hire you!
  • The ONE THING that keeps your resume on the top of the pile and sparks new life into it… most resumes end up in the trash without this!
  • The best formats, layouts, fonts and complete resumes that you can use to leverage all our know how in writing strong engineering resumes with strong content and a logical presentation of you and your career.
  • And much more…

"I thought I had a great engineering resume until I downloaded and used the Best Engineering Resumes 2014.

Compared to the resumes I had found on google I though I was doing alright but I soon realized that I wasn't even close!. Thanks for opening my eyes.

This should be required for every engineering graduate and every engineering career center."

- Richard Fields, Detroit Michigan 

Top 12 Engineering Resume Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them
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An absolutely essential guide to all the crucial errors we have seen over years of reviewing engineering resumes. Now you can avoid them before they hurt your chances.

Most engineers that write their own resume make the same mistakes over and over again. Inside you'll discover the top 12 mistakes we have researched and collected over the past 10 years. Read what they are and how to avoid them…

  • Ever stopped to think about awards, recognitions and prizes or sholarships you received as you write your resume? Learn how this often forgotten topic can make the difference between you and your competition. (mistake #6)
  • The best way to open a resume to grab the reader's attention… And no, it's NOT graphics and colors! (mistake #3)
  • A unique way to set the length of your resume such that it is not too long and not too short. Just right... (mistake #10).
  • Learn the most critical trick to explosively improve your changes of getting a call. The most important of all tips that almost all engineers completely miss... (mistake #12)
  • And much much more…

"For months I have been applying for jobs with absolutely no calls, there just didn't seem to be any interest in engineeers with my background.

I took your advice and fixed several terrible mistakes on my resume and now I have 4 scheduled interviews with employers in San Diego county. 

After I tried this I got an immediate response. I'm looking forward to the interviews and given the number of calls I probably will no longer need to move. Thanks. You saved my job search."

Matt Sanchez, San Diego California

Engineering Cover Letters
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Professional and attention grabbing cover letters that don't take very long to prepare!

Always wondering what to write in a cover letter? How much detail to add? What to cover in just one page? What font and format to use? Let's face it, writing a short letter that will lead the reader to decide in just a few seconds to spend some time with your resume is hard!

This collection of samples and examples features a summary of the best of the best, nearly 10 years worth of professional cover letter writing experience available for you to use. 

You'll discover inventive openings, unique closings and follow up sentences, great examples of how to sprinkle your skills in the cover letter and so much more -- all in Word files that you can easily edit!

Like most techies, I had gotten stuck in a rut. I can't write to save my life!

It seems like I just could not put my thoughts down in a short letter in a way that made any sense! I wrote, rewrote and then wrote some more... I did not like what I had at all. Since I got this collection my cover letter makes a lot of sense, it is clear, full of great information on my background and experience and looks really great.

Very highly recommended. Advice is specific for engineers and I did not find anything like this before.

- Kate Elsworth, Boston Massachusetts

How To Write The Best Engineering Cover Letters
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Did you know that one of the best ways to get your resume read is to have a strong cover letter that get the hiring manager curious about you?

Think about it. A cold resume full of bullet points, or a custom written personal message about you and your interest in the company. Which do you think is the best way to present yourself?

In short, the cover letter can make a bigger difference than the resume! It's your first impression and it can make you or break you!

Inside this book you'll learn the top 17 engineering cover letter tips to help make this short letter exciting, professional and most of all effective.

What fonts should you use? What format works best? How much enthusiasm should you display? How soon and how should you follow up? What do you need to write to get them interested in your resume? How long should the letter be?

Find out the answers to these critical questions and much, much more.

When I looked at the content of this ebook I realized how much I had been wasting my time... In about 30 minutes I had an absolutely fantastic looking cover letter with professional content. I has several mistakes in my original letter that I was able to fix. In one of the interviews a manager complimented me on the cover letter I had sent in and told me how it had made it much easier for her to understand my resume and career progression. This is great material and I'm loving my new job.

- Steve Majewski, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

I have written and used 3 cover letters with the help of this guide and all of them resulted in interview calls. My problem now is I don't know which job offer to chose! Thanks!

- Cary Johnson, Toronto Canada

Interview Advice For Engineers
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Did you know an estimated 63% of engineers who get called for interviews never get an offer? 

So much promise in the resume and nothing comes of it… The reality is that so many small details can affect an interview outcome. In order to make the interview a success you need to ask yourself key questions before hand. Questions like:

  • How do you prepare for an engineering job interview?
  • How should you answer the questions? 
  • What questions should you ask yourself? 
  • Are you compatible with the company? 
  • How about apperance and demeanor? 

Discover the answers to these and many other questions in this specialized ebook written exclusively for engineers.

I have a bit of experience interviewing as I've worked as a contractor for 18 years changing jobs every 24 months or so. This ebook really has a lot of great suggestions that I can totally confirm as right on the mark. I just got the book about one month ago as I am currently on the market again and interviewing like crazy. Little things make a big difference in interviewing. The response I have gotten after this is much higher than ever before!

Jason Mast, Orlando Florida

Salary Negotiation For Professionals
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The art of negotiating better conditions for yourself and your family
What every engineer must know about how to approach management to improve compensation

To be honest I think many engineers are uncomfortable with the idea of negotiating salary and compensation. This may account for some of the discrepancy between what engineers get paid and what other professionals get paid. But it doesn' have to be hard if you know how to do it!

So we decided to get  to the bottom of this and find out the BEST STRATEGIES for negotiating higher pay, once and for all.

And after heavy research, we made some fascinating discoveries about 5 top proven strategies that employers can not resist. Applying these in the right setting will virtually guarantee an improvement in your compensation..

And the best part is that these strategies are 100% applicable to the engineers. Yep, no business generic advice here.

Now we have to be straight with you: Not all companies are in a position to offer more. So like anything else in life that involves a negotiation, it takes a little sensitivity to get results. But the great thing is it's actually pretty simple once you know what to do.

So if you can spend an hour or two researching and preparing your case... You stand to win big. Remember that negotiating a salary is the only chance you will ever get to make thousands of dollars a minute! 

Here's what you'll learn…

  • The individual value proposal. Ideal for high performers that the company simply can not live without. 
  • The market value proposal. This works great if you work at a larger company and are able to spend a few minutes doing research. (page 4)
  • The counter offer proposal. A sure way to get your employer thinking twice about not raising your salary.
  • The promotion strategy. Which allows you to get better compensation without actually asking for a raise. We'll show you how. 
  • The best time to approach management for a raise. Timing is everything when it comes to this sensitive topic. We share an inside perspective on when to approach and when not approach management with a request for better conditions.
  • And much more...

I honestly didn't think I would learn much from this book but I loved everything else in the collection so I got it and read it anyway. I had not thought about the idea of increasing my compensation until I read this. Well after reading this I followed the strategy to negotiate more vacation and I got one extra week! All I can think of is that I should have read this ebook earlier. I now have more time for my children and for traveling and it cost me literally one half hour conversation with my boss!

– Mary Jones, Minneapolis, Minnesota

A Very Small Investment With a Big Payout...

Let's do a quick comparison: If you hire us to write a professional resume and cover letter, your investment will be between $249 and $498 depending on what you chose and your level of experience.

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Don't get us wrong... We would be glad to help you in our professional services section. If you are looking for professional resume and cover letter writing services for engineers you will not find a better place than us.

However, if you are on a budget or if you are confident you can do it yourself then this collection is for you.

Most people would say that this is actually a very small price to pay for a lifetime resume and cover letter that will open so many doors. They are right. It really is. But some of us may not have the finances to hire professional resume writers.

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Michael Brit

President and Chief Resume Writer

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